How much does money matter to you?

There is no denying the fact that our lives are determined by our unconscious beliefs about money. How important is money to you?

So, what do you really believe when it comes to money?

I am convinced that discovering and exploring our general attitude towards money is an essential step in improving our financial health.

And to help in that challenging self-awareness process, the profession of psychologists comes to our rescue; after all, they are experts in creating simple tests which provide deep answers.

Ok, I am being a tiny bit sarcastic.  Nevertheless, taking such tests is always a helpful step towards self-awareness.

Incidentally, I have recently taken the Klontz Money Script Inventory Test which consists of 16 brief questions and provides a rather accurate initial feedback on money beliefs—at least that is what it did for me.

Take The Test

So, how was it for you?

Taking that test reminded me of one of my first posts where I pondered on Money, money, money…

It would be great to hear from you to what degree the above test provided in accurately diagnosing your personal attitute towards money.  Looking forward to your comments below.


  1. Money avoidance: 10 out of 24
    Money worship: 15 out of 24
    Money status: 10 out of 24
    Money vigilance: 15 out of 24

    seems i am a confused right in the middle guy, or may be I believe in the middle path 😛

    anyway more interesting than most of the mindless quizzes floating around on facebook.


  2. Ha! Ha!
    i am not convinced with the initial result so i take the test more than once.
    The more times i take the test, the less i understand myself about money.

    Ha! Ha!
    My basic belief is if you are not interested in your girlfriend, how comes she becomes your wife?
    So if you don’t show interest in your money, your money will not stays long with you too.

  3. Hi Andy

    If I tell you the test is not accurate at all for me, you will be thinking I am living in self denial. Haha…but it is really not accurate at all for me. Because I think the question asked in the manner if you have “enough”. However, I am answering from the perspective that I have some way to go before I hit that enough.

    Interesting 🙂

  4. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for introducing this test. It is interesting, to certain extent, the first 3 is quite accurate for me, but not the last point of Money vigilance. This is because while I am vigilant about money, I also know how to spend to enjoy myself! 😀
    Statistically, the number of questions are probably too few to make the test sampling accurate.
    My result:
    Money avoidance: 10 out of 24
    Money worship: 10 out of 24
    Money status: 7 out of 24
    Money vigilance: 21 out of 24

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