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Celebrities Speak Out on Fame & Materialism

The chap at the end of that video, Tom Shadyac, is a very remarkable personality.  He made millions of dollars producing and directing Hollywood movies (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty).  Then back in 2007 he met with a nasty bicycle accident, recovered, sold his possessions, moved to a trailer park, and changed his view on life and society.

Subsequently he produced and directed two documentaries (I Am and Happy) and wrote the book “Life’s Operating Manual”.

The book provides a new perspective on life and the society we live in and is written in a very unique style as a dialogue between FEAR and TRUTH.

It is quite thought provoking in providing new perspectives.  Recommended to anyone who wants to take a step further into their knowing of the truth (or untruth or fears) about life.


“The world is not to be put in order, the world is in order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.” – Henry Miller

“The ancients knew something that we seem to have forgotten.” – Albert Einstein

“It’s hard to overcome adversity; it’s even harder to overcome prosperity.” – Zen Proverb



  1. Congratulation S I!
    i think you have managed your “Risks”well.

    • ha ha, do you consider “wife = risks”?

      • Ha! Ha!
        Besides investing in the stock is full of risks, everything in life has it’s potential risks and rewards.
        They all need to invest and manage carefully just as in your stock investment.
        No speculation here for me.
        Of course sometimes man proposes, God disposes.
        Well then so be it.

  2. Hi Andy,

    I just had this conversation with my wife about the curse of affluence is too high a expectation, especially for the next generation. How I they going to cope with 2-3 notches dial down of their lifestyles of they are not “doctors” like their dads or businesses cannot be passed down

    I told my wife anything is very comfortable to me, since if I compare it to my past. I told her that she had lived private, while she “accept” HDB there is this lingering feeling of “下嫁” or a “hole in heart” isn’t it.

    She kinda of admits it too, saying she only will want it if we can afford it .. See… I might not even want it if we can afford it LOL

  3. “—it’s even harder to overcome prosperity.”

    i have seen with my own eyes, people who are born into prosperity really very hard for them to overcome prosperity.

    They always carry themselves a lot of put on airs, and that all others should behave as their underlings, hovering around them.
    Nobody likes to be treated as “2nd or no class” unwillingly.
    Like you say “i don’t know” if i am born into prosperity will i also behave likewise?
    Can i blame them or their prosperity or the way they were brought up?
    i have yet to meet someone who can overcome prosperity.

  4. Andy,

    Even though I am not rich and famous, I guess we all have come to the same conclusion just by being ourselves 😉

    Cynics may decry we are merely “parroting” each other… Maybe. If that makes you feel better.

    We are not the unhappy ones though.

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