Stuff I read last week – One

Reading is not too bad an investment of time.   In a short period of time I get to absorb what took someone else years to accumulate, understand, distill, and refine.  There could be so much to learn from what I read.  If I just could remember everything I read. books are the right resources to see more

To increase my rate of recall I do talk myself into typing out the core concepts.  This should help.  Albeit only a bit.

Because taking notes with a pen and paper, rather than a laptop, leads to higher quality learning, as writing is a better strategy to store and internalize ideas in the long haul.  Writing by hand strengthens the learning process, while typing can impair it.

Boom:  Some Notes on Note Taking

Great and plausible idea.  My only problem with that fact is, my handwriting is so poor that I can hardly decipher it myself.   So I will stick to typing for the time being.  It has two added advantages:

  1. I can rely on my outsourced brain (this Blog with it’s search function) quite well so far.
  2. I can share what I learned – want to learn – with you.

So here goes – the stuff I read last week:


cinnamon for boosting memoryTo boost learning ability that is hampered by an imbalance of proteins in the hippocampus include more cinnamon in your diet.  Cinnamon is transformed by the body into sodium benzoate that rebalances critical proteins.  Especially the purer Ceylon Cinnamon.

Cinnamon converts poor learning mice to good learners


Sarcasm can actually promote creative thinking.  Despite being considered one of the lowest forms of wit, sarcasm actually requires considerable mental powers to produce.  This is a great motivator to continue insulting idiots without them realizing it.

The highest form of intelligence


There is a brand new treatment available which can increase your concentration, boost your social life and increase your happiness.
It’s totally free.

You can start right now.

It’s called “Taking-A-Week-Off-Facebook”.

This is why you should quit FB for one week

No Facebook please

“Lazy? I’ve been social-networking my ass off.” – credit: William Haefeli


The most important aspect of your job – even more important than pay, rewards, promotions or working conditions – is meaningfulness.  In experiencing work as meaningful, we cease to be workers or employees and relate as human beings, reaching out in a bond of common humanity to others.

For organizations seeking to manage meaningfulness, the ethical and moral responsibility is great, since they are bridging the gap between work and personal life.  They humanize the work place.

What Makes Work Meaningful – Or Meaningless


8 servings of fruit a day boosts happiness.Eating 8 portions of fruit and vegetables a day provides the maximum boost to people’s happiness, new study finds.  The positive effect comes faster than the boost to health.  In terms of life satisfaction, it was equivalent to the difference between being employed and unemployed.  One possible mechanism by which fruit and vegetables affect happiness is through antioxidants.  There is a suggested connection between antioxidants and optimism.

Evolution of Well-Being and Happiness After Increases in Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables


Self-compassion helps people move on from regrets.  Being kind to oneself is an excellent way of letting go of past disappointments, embarrassments and failures.  Accepting your flaws is better than trying to boost yourself up by focusing on positive qualities.  Self-compassion probably works in multiple ways.  Not only does it better allow us to confront our regrets, it also enables us to see them in their true light.

Self-Compassion Promotes Personal Improvement From Regret Experiences via Acceptance

the past cannot be changed


  1. I am sure you have plenty of precious bars!
    Love to go Switzerland one day, although its very expensive.

    Enjoyed the alps.

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the good re-summary. Guess we have something in common is that I hope I can remember everything I read, hence I like to take notes – both written and type (handphone first, then computer!)

    Coincidently I just write an article on the evolution of my reading habits which shows all my illegible notes too.

    I asked my wife what is cinnamon n where to buy! haha… love something that can boost my learning..

    I was many times criticize by some people I dun really like that I can be sarcastic. Now I take it as compliments.

    Yeah.. dun really like FB also. Without it, we can still live equally good!

    Well said on the part of work meaningfulness.

    And yes, I will eat more fruits!

    • Hi Rolf,

      Yes, if we always could recall what we learned at the time we need it, life could be so much easier and sprinkled with less dumb self-inflicted mistakes.

      Greetings from Switzerland (had to come over here to check on my stash of gold and silver bars – just kidding).

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