Stuff I read last week – Two

A few weeks ago and before my long vacation to Europe I published one post about the stuff I read online.  I decided to keep this up on irregular intervals.

So since a few days I am back in Singapore and my first stop after my return home was to pay my weighing scales a visit.

Gained 4 kg in weight.

What a successful holiday!

The food and ice-cream in Germany, Switzerland and Italy was simply too tempting and delicious.  No worries.  Weight is just a number.

Nevertheless a good opportunity to remind myself on how to handle food cravings:


Fight the food craving for sweets with moderate exercise and a diet incorporating more sweet fruits like berries or apples along with dark leafy greens like broccoli or kale.

drink more waterFight the food craving for salt by increasing the level of iron intake.  Drink a glass of milk, eat yogurt or dark leafy green salad.  Sweet potatoes, avocado, spinach, bananas and yogurt are rich in potassium.  Celery, carrots, spinach, beets, meat and seafood are a neutral source of sodium and nutritious.  Dark leafy greens such spinach and kale, nuts and seeds, avocado, fish, bananas and dried fruits are high in magnesium.

Fight all food cravings with a tall glass of water.


The very best lifestyle change a person can make in midlife (40 – 50) to protect against cognitive decline later is taking more exercise.  Brain changes associated with dementia take 20 to 30 years to develop.  Start as early as possible.

Predictive Factors for Verbal Memory Performance Over Decades of Ageing


Opposites only attract for single people, but not for those in a relationship.opposites attract only in singles

Effect of Partnership Status on Preferences for Facial Self-Resemblance

Could this be the reason why married couples do develop more similarities over time?


The professions with the most psychopaths are CEO and Lawyer.  And the professions with the least psychopaths are Care-Giver and Nurse.

There are many Successful Psychopaths and only a few turn into criminal psychopaths.


And finally a question for you.

Are you outgoing?

Well, that may be why you’re broke

If you’re an extrovert, I have some bad news: you might be absolutely terrible with saving money.  But chances are you know that already.

Dangers of being a Social Butterfly

recent study conducted by University of Toronto associate professor Jacob B. Hirsh found that extroverts, who have been shown to make a higher salary, also tend to hold on to less cash.

“Extroverts are far more sensitive to rewards, which makes it harder for them to overcome their desire for immediate gratification.  When making financial decisions, this can contribute to impulsive spending, higher credit card debts and reduced savings,”

introverts save moreIntroverts, on the other hand, tend to be better savers.  They are more focused on the long-term rewards that come with squirreling away their cash.  While extroverts tend to gravitate toward immediate rewards, introverts have been found to delay gratification.

Furthermore, in a previous study, Hirsh found that when extroverts are in a good mood they are more likely to seek immediate rewards (which may be demonstrated through making a purchase, for example).  However, mood had little effect on an introvert’s level of reward seeking.

Hmm, interesting.  That’s somehow in line with what I have written about last year:

Another competitive edge of introverts

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