Can you afford to ignore the long-term importance of money?

“Oh, money,  I’m actually not interested in money.”  So many people say that.

Yet they’ll work at a job for eight hours or more (that they don’t even like) just to be able to buy stuff to impress their neighbours, the Tans and Lees (who they don’t really like either), who might be buried in debtfrom trying so hard to impress them.

Many of you hate financial education.  You think it’s confusing.  You don’t want anything to do with it.  Nevertheless, you love money (when you have it).  Still, you see no irony in this.Money works for you 24/7

The way out of the rat race: Do learn as much as possible about how money works, so that you do not have to spend your entire life working for money, but have money work for you!

The place to go for people living in Singapore, the institution to brush up on your financial education, the temple to learn about how to invest your hard-earned money: Big Fat Purse.  They have ridiculously affordable and high quality courses on offer.  Checking them out is a know-brainer.

Start early, start now to totally abuse the magic of compounding in your favor.

Want to read up a bit more about the Pros and Cons of money?  Check out this post: money, money, money – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Reading - Install New Software into BrainsWant to read more about how money can buy you happiness?  Read this book:  Happy Money (affiliate link)  Not enough time?  Read  this summary: Happy Money – Executive Summary & Key Messages

By the way, the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win in it, you are still a rat.  Maybe it could be clever to choose a different race to participate in.


So now, my dear regular reader, what is the big problem with this post?

Way too many links, you say.  No, that’s not what I am hinting at.

The problem is that you do know all of the above already.  You are not the target group of this post and those who urgently do need to know the above are not reading my TACOMOB-blog.

They are spending their time spending their money instead of investing it.  Having given up on the pursuit for delayed gratification.  Whiling away  their time with such brilliant pastimes as hunting Pokemons.

What can we do?  Any ideas?

Why doesn’t a creative person come up with a NUGGETS GO game where you have to hunt for nuggets of financial wisdom?  Where you have to share those nuggets with as many people as possible?  Of course including the bragging rights of having found all nuggets of financial wisdom and having become financially invincible?


“Without wisdom, gold is quickly lost by those who have it, but with wisdom, gold can be secured by those who have it not.”- George S. Clason in The Richest Man in Babylon (1926)


  1. Hi Andy,
    I guess a lot of people are unsure how to get their money to grow or compound. They spent all the lives working to get their salaries, increment, promotion and bonuses. They think these will go on forever. Unfortunately none of the rats know that they are still in the cage until it’s too late.

    • Being unsure and realizing it is a good start. But then too many people don’t act upon it. It could be so easy as information for self-help is so easy to obtain as long as one overcomes laziness and puts oneself behind achieving some saving/investment goals. People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It is as simple as that.

  2. Hi Andy,
    If you don’t pay attention to someone, will she notices or better, loves you?
    i think it’s the same with Money.
    i think your money has a life of it’s own though it is not a living thing.
    So even if you don’t love your money at least pay attention to it.
    In order that, she will not elope with somebody who pays a lot more attention to her.

    Ha! Ha!
    Do i love my money?
    Here lies the dilemma.
    She is no use to me if i don’t use (spend, invest or give away ) her.
    It’s no use to me just saving her.
    Now who would treat her lover this way?

    • Interesting metaphor you bring up there.
      Money could also be the love you share instead of the person you love.
      You cannot exclusively love yourself (“Some people are so poor, all they have is money”).
      You have to love others.
      That means don’t just hoard money but circulate it.
      Like love it wants to flow out. It wants to flow back.

  3. Hi Andy

    You are right, I need to kick myself in my face to get my money work harder.

    • Slow down there, Frugal Daddy, why would you take the risk to potentially deform your face just to make your money work harder. You would end up with lots of money but an ugly face. Not really an ideal combination. You may want to consider to kick your behind instead. But as our human anatomy makes this undertaking rather challenging to perform on oneself, you may want to ask a person of your trust to perform that catalyst on you.

      Having said that and having followed your blog for a while I am convinced that you do not need a tremendous kick. Just a few nudges would do in your case.

  4. Create that game! Maybe it’ll be the next hit haha.

  5. Huh? Andy,

    Seriously, got people say “not interested in money, meh”

    I did say “money is not the core problem here” before and got “left right center” that I learn to keep my mouth shut.

    Sigh… 2 years ago, the “get out of rat race” thingy would set off a host of inner demons, now it’s ok. I am rat, hope I am a Mickey, he is cute

    • SI, that is exactly the puzzling issue. When I bring the conversation with some people to the topic of how to grow their money in a smart way, they suddenly mention that they are not interested in that. Maybe it is just me? ha ha.

      Your hope to be Mickey is very understandable. Who does’t want to be cute? Mickey, however, is a mouse which is a different species from a rat. Have you come across any cute rat residing in Singapore yet? Maybe the ones from the movie Ratatouille. But they do live in stylish Paris.

      • Hmm. Andy,

        Cute chick married with rich rat in Singapore? I meet a few lol…

        Cute rat? Hamster can? Keep running at the spot

      • Hamster is cute, but then not really an idol for us when it comes to making progress. Running in the hamster wheel does not get you anywhere (unless your intention is to lose some calories). No doubt, we all need to run – somewhere.

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