saving and investing should be boring, find excitement somewhere else

Last week I wrote about expensive Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts and their cheaper (and better) alternatives called Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). You still don’t buy it. Ok, that might be my fault because I am simply not convincing enough…

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Extreme Discounting

hyperbolic discounting

When we are presented with distant commitments, we tend to stumble on the difficulty that our brain has in placing us in the future with any degree of accuracy. Why is that? Because our brain evolved to make determinations about our…

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Weakness of will

This is the tendency to consciously do things which we genuinely know are not beneficial to us. A non-financial example includes smoking cigarettes (we know we shouldn’t, but many do anyway), while a financial example includes not living within our means, or saving up …

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Whatever you earn – live within your means

Now, that is a no-brainer! Others might even call this a “know-brainer”. Still, I know from personal experience that this principle is not easy to apply; nevertheless, it is worth your utmost attention as it is the key to growing your savings. People are always talking about character,…

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