Am I saving enough?

Quick question: Would it be easier for you to save 20% of your monthly income, or to live on 80% of your monthly income? In case you answered, “Save 20%,”  you are just average (sorry for being so blunt) and might be…

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Extreme Discounting

hyperbolic discounting

When we are presented with distant commitments, we tend to stumble on the difficulty that our brain has in placing us in the future with any degree of accuracy. Why is that? Because our brain evolved to make determinations about our…

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Finally an investment idea

An Investment Tip from Tacomob

Some of you have contacted me (although commenting on my blog posts would be an alternative way, besides e-mail, to communicate with me) and shared your disappointment that I have yet to share an investment tip on Tacomob.   There is reason for…

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The Relative-Dollar-Bias

I believe people sometimes need an accountant with a whip next to them. Wuh-PSSSH!  Whapshhh! Although for some of you, that may sound like a great idea (“yeah, give it to me!”), my take is that the majority of you would be…

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