The law of small numbers

probably we desire the impossible

In my previous post I shared a few thoughts on probabilities and statistics.  I wrote about disregarding probabilities in decision making, ignoring small probabilities and not over-weighting small probabilities. A tough act to follow.  I am totally guilty of failing…

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Do you do Selfies?

that is me

I happened to drop by Orchard Road a few days back.  It was a good opportunity for chilling out at a cafe and screening the surroundings for some beautiful …, well, for some beautiful social study opportunities.  And there were…

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The Well-Travelled Road Bias

The well-traveled-road bias

Nowadays I am a bit more on the road visiting prospects to share with them those benefits my value-add-products could deliver to their operations.  As such I come across this common experience for motorists more frequently: I am driving somewhere…

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