Neglect of prior base rates effect

tomorrow starts now; start an ETF savings plan

This is the tendency to fail to incorporate prior known probabilities which are pertinent to the decision at hand. Caution: Don’t read on if you are 40 years of age and above! Here’s an interesting question for the rest of you: Why aren’t more young people…

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Do it now

I realise now that NOW is the only time that exists, although that truth about time took me a while to comprehend. Our life, you see, is about a series of moments in time, but we often live these moments hoping to improve a future moment—to have a better…

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Finally an investment idea

An Investment Tip from Tacomob

Some of you have contacted me (although commenting on my blog posts would be an alternative way, besides e-mail, to communicate with me) and shared your disappointment that I have yet to share an investment tip on Tacomob.   There is reason for…

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Whatever you earn – live within your means

Now, that is a no-brainer! Others might even call this a “know-brainer”. Still, I know from personal experience that this principle is not easy to apply; nevertheless, it is worth your utmost attention as it is the key to growing your savings. People are always talking about character,…

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Choose: wisdom or gold?

I daresay that most of us have the wish to be guests at the Banquet of Good Things and that many believe that with money/gold, this can be achieved. So, let’s say that you manage to find a genie in a bottle and he grants you a free wish.  What would you…

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