What Works

Practice makes perfect (or at least better).  Unfortunately, some of life’s most important decisions do not come with that many opportunities for practice.

Generally, the higher the stakes, the less often we are able to practice.  Most people choose a career path, a spouse, buy houses and cars once or twice a decade, and start a retirement savings plan (hopefully with multiple calibrations and modifications).  There is not much room for trial and error as we can hardly rewind the clock and make things undone.

Moreover, we only get feedback on the options we selected, not the ones we rejected.

Nevertheless, here are some valuable life lessons from people who have “been there, done that” long before you.

Why not adopt tried and tested approaches?

Life Hacks is a good starting point to explore.

One qualifier:  No tips on finding your ideal spouse here.  There are simply too many tried, tested, and unproven attempts out there to select the ones that really do work in that section of life.

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