Diversify, diversify, and then diversify some more

diversify diversify diversify

Could we both agree on the following notion? That, in the investment field, there is no one instrument that can perform all the time, and that there is no one who can say with certainty—in advance—which instrument would perform best.  The future is uncertain and markets are random. As such, what Harry Markowitz…

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Finally an investment idea

An Investment Tip from Tacomob

Some of you have contacted me (although commenting on my blog posts would be an alternative way, besides e-mail, to communicate with me) and shared your disappointment that I have yet to share an investment tip on Tacomob.   There is reason for…

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Unpredictability Ignorance

It’s not so easy to be active in the stock market. Because when people I meet learn that I make my money predominantly from the abundant stock market, they—more often than not—flood me with questions on my prediction of the future trends and…

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