Do it now

I realise now that NOW is the only time that exists, although that truth about time took me a while to comprehend. Our life, you see, is about a series of moments in time, but we often live these moments hoping to improve a future moment—to have a better…

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Wanna be a trillionaire?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? And you would be the first on this planet, provided that you measure your wealth in the current USD, since I am quite certain that there would already be existent trillionaires when measured in Vietnamese Dong or Indonesian Rupiah. Trillions are flung around in the news nowadays to…

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How to take care of your PFC

Do you love your brain?  I mean, really, really love it? And do you treat it as well as you can? Do you appreciate the way it keeps you going, day after day, night after night?  After all, it is your brain that ensured that you keep…

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