The Curse of Knowledge

knowledge vs wisdom

Yes, that’s right, you have read the header correctly. Because if you know something, you can’t appreciate what it’s like not to know it. And this is when better-informed people encounter problems thinking about problems from the perspective of their less-informed…

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My Dopamine determines risks of mine

dopamine molecule

Have you ever wondered why you can become revved up and an exuberant risk taker, when flying high, or hesitant and risk-adverse, when cowering from your losses in the stock market? We have the impression that it is our deliberative mind that makes the most important decisions in…

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Do it now

I realise now that NOW is the only time that exists, although that truth about time took me a while to comprehend. Our life, you see, is about a series of moments in time, but we often live these moments hoping to improve a future moment—to have a better…

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Do you want to predict the future?

I beg your pardon? Did you just answer with a Yes? That is great, because that proves that you are human and/or a human being. Did you know that the human being is the only animal that thinks about the future? We—human beings—think about the future…

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Got any habits?

Let’s talk about Habituation. Habituation is really just another trick that our inner con man plays on us: He makes us believe that wonderful things are especially wonderful the first time they happen, and that their wonderfulness wanes with repetition. “Psychologists call this effect habituation,…

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