It’s that time of the year again

Planning Fallacy

It’s that time of the year again, when avalanches of New Year’s resolutions are launched with idealistic plans for drastic self-improvement in 2016. We resolve to quit drinking, smoking, or both.  We resolve to help others and to spend more time with our friends and…

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To die or not to die

to die or not to die

I would like to write about the end, yours and mine to be specific. I recently read that due to medical and technical advances, the first person to attain the age of a hundred and fifty has already been born. Are you that person? Well, I suppose…

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Hot-cold-empathy gap

Have you ever asked yourself this: How can I control myself when I feel the irresistible need to break my rules about how to invest in the stock market? That question pertains to the “hot-cold-empathy gap”, where we say to ourselves in a calm…

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My Dopamine determines risks of mine

dopamine molecule

Have you ever wondered why you can become revved up and an exuberant risk taker, when flying high, or hesitant and risk-adverse, when cowering from your losses in the stock market? We have the impression that it is our deliberative mind that makes the most important decisions in…

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Do it now

I realise now that NOW is the only time that exists, although that truth about time took me a while to comprehend. Our life, you see, is about a series of moments in time, but we often live these moments hoping to improve a future moment—to have a better…

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