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Why you should be Taking Care Of Your Own Business or why you should Tacomob.

Hi, my name is Andy.Andreas G. Schmidt (aka Andy)

What motivated me to create this website?  Well, sometimes, one can observe a lot by watching.

I observed that we tend to spend a lot of our time working for others; supporting them in their business and while on that hedonic treadmill, we forget to spend more time Taking Care Of Our Own Businessthe one that really matters to us in the long run to experience a fulfilling life.

Reality check: Let’s face it, if you are no longer around for your company, they will not have a huge challenge to replace you.  On the other hand, if you are no longer around for your family, totally different story.  They will hardly be able to replace you that easily.

Still, why do so many of us tend to mix up the priorities in life?

But there is good news.  By coming here and reading this, you have already proven that you possess the key to improving your life’s chances: That Key Is Learning.

Additionally, there is so much knowledge on how it is to be done that trial and error is no longer required.  Just find what is proven to work and do more of that.

Unfortunately, the vastness of all that material make that search a bit challenging and trying to absorb all of it is often mind-boggling.

My goal with this website is to help you across the first hurdles, by filtering out key messages that can easily be applied by you in real life to make a difference.

Thus, I will share the latest thinking and the best practices that I have come across in my recent journeysince retiring from my 23 years of corporate duties and now taking care of my own business (I Tacomob  100%).

Am I qualified, or an expert to dish out unsolicited advise?  Definitely not.  I am just a regular guy who has read about 100 books, completed over 30 online courses (MOOC) in the last two years, and who has a strong desire to share some of my learnings.

Let’s dive right into it.

Your journey to change always starts with your MIND:

To this day, relatively little is known about the human mind and its principal toolthe brain.  Everybody has one, but we differ in how we make use of this power-tool.

We are finding out that the more we think we know, the more there is to learn.

You don’t need to look beyond that which is within you already  for the self-confidence and power to solve all your problems and make life as you wish it to be.  You have always possessed the wisdom, intuition, and mental resources to express life fully and perfectly.

You are personally endowed with the ability to choose and have the potential power to accomplish anything you desire.

Be aware that education, government, and religion have worked together to create a subtle atmosphere of dependency that places and keeps us in a state of mental bondage.  As a result, most people look outside of themselves for help, although they themselves have the ability already built-in.

When you change your thinking, you change your feelings, then you change your actions and this changes your life.

Have fun taking care of your own business: your My Me, Inc.

Do Tacomob  regularly and live a life of abundance.

I look forward to hear what you think/feel about this website.  Contact Me and drop me a note.

And here is my background story, should you be interested.

Back in Feb 2016 I was interviewed by the financial literacy entrepreneurs par excellence here in Singapore @ BigFatPurse – DrWealth. It might shed a bit more light on my ‘philosophy on life’.

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