Finally, a less wordy post about our biases

Thank you, dear readers, for reading my blog-posts and for letting me know what you like and dislike about them (for example, too long, too wordy).

I hear you; thus, this post is succinct in answering:

  • Why we save so little?
  • Why evolution is to blame for our stock losses?
  • Why we should think more about our limitations?

In fact, let me delegate to chirpy Laurie Santos to answer those essential “you-never-dared-to-ask-before-questions”.

Ted Talk on Monkeynomics (19.38 mins)

Ok, I admit the post isn’t less wordy, since it’s just a substitution of the written word with lots of spoken words.

So, for those of you who do not have the timeto sit through the whole talkyou can zoom in to the following passages of her talk:

10.50 min  – Loss Aversion and Relativity Biases

16.30 min  – Monkeys are as irrational as humans and this trait is 35 million years old

18.00 min  – Biases are hard to overcome, the first step is to understand our biological limitations


And by the way, the last fact is the reason why there is no formula for forecasting market tops. Still, so many “experts” are writing about how the bull market is getting tired. They are really trying to predict human behavior, which can’t be done.

“Hindsight makes surprises vanish.” – Daniel Kahneman

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