Who is weird?

The other day I met some new people.  After exchanging the usual conversational stuff we got to the big question: “What do you do?’ I described in vivid pictures how I have been taking care of my own business, my early ‘retirement’ from corporate duty and my goal to finance all my expenses from dividends and capital appreciation of my investment and trading portfolios.

I got that look from them that said “you are weird”.  Their message was clearly heard even though there were no words uttered accompanying their looks (they were so polite).  They – however – quickly moved on to talk about their own challenging and stressful 9 to 5 jobs.

Am I really that weird?  (looking very much forward to your comments to this not really rhetorical question)

I prefer to call myself different.  I dare to be different.  I am convinced that uniqueness always pays in this world that is so rich (or shall I say poor) in conformance.  Being a non-conformant might be a bit more complex. Answers 2016-03-20_212536

But then isn’t it our duty to be like no other?

Isn’t it our duty to enjoy life?

Among many others I do enjoy investing and a bit of trading and I do so because my ‘WHY’ is to create financial freedom for my family and myself.

People tend to forget that financial freedom has multiple by-products.  They are time freedom, location freedom and life experiences freedom.

I get to ‘live life fully’ is what I am really trying to say.break the rules

I believe that if you don’t find a big enough ‘Why’, your chances of long term investment success is diminished because you will either treat it as a hobby or when the going gets tough and you make some losses (which is inevitable, by the way, even for the very best on the planet), you will quit because you have suffered not just a financial loss but an emotional loss.

Funny thing is, once you feel the financial freedom, your investing and trading actually improves dramatically because you not only feel free and abundant, but you can now focus not on the money but on the process.

Different is indeed better than better.

Is it difficult to be different?

I don’t think so.  You don’t have to change who you are – you just need to become more of who you are.

So far, so good.  And lucky us there is no test to hand in at the end of life, so there is no way to fail.


But then being different also means to not take life advice from people doing shit with theirs.  And that could/may/might include me.  You decide for yourself.


“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michelangelo

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

“Goals are means not just ends.  They are means to enhance enjoyment of the present.  They should provide meaning and pleasure.” – Tal Ben Shahar – Author of book ‘Happier’


  1. Andy – nice article. I suppose weird is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps our ancestors would think we are weird.

    I’m sure John Maynard Keynes might think that now if he witnesses what society has turned into despite the ever increasing productivity.


  2. Hello Andy, let’s meet up someday and share with each other our weirdness 🙂 I have a feeling we will enjoy chatting about our unique perspective on how life should be lived.

  3. Hi Andy,

    I think they are only calling you weird because they envy your life. They don’t see the hardwork you’ve put in behind the scenes to get to where you are today though. Instead of ‘weird’, I think you’re simply reaping the rewards of the seeds you’ve sown many years ago!

    • Hi Aloysius,

      In their defense I have to mention that they never called me weird. They just gave me the look which I interpreted together with their subsequent actions that they consider me weird. But I am biased, maybe my interpretation is wrong.

      You got a valid point, sowing the seeds early and then waiting patiently for a very long time is one of the few options to achieve FI.

  4. Tacomob,

    There is nothing weird, and I think they understand and accept it. But surprise a living example is staring at them.

    Am I weird in your eyes? I also working 6-6 and I am not thinking of quitting. LOL ok once in a while I do. I am happy with the money that comes with the job as well as the interaction with kids.

    I wonder if we meet up, can we hold a conversation? Hehehe

    • No certainly not. I sense that you are passionate about what you are doing. You do have a purpose. In the case of those guys I did not feel any passion. It appeared to me that they were spending the majority of their time in a job they hate (or at least don’t love) in order to make enough money to spend part of their time in a life they don’t hate. Is that the best approach?

      I bet you that we could hold a conversation for at least an hour. I am a good listener. Just kidding.
      I guess to prove that point we should meet up soon. What about next week? Do drop me an e-mail (via contact Tacomob) in case you don’t want everyone else to know about our date. Although it looks like An9elfire would like to join in.

      • Hi Andy,

        I will take up the invitation, but not next week. I am doing double shift now, 6-6 and 10-2 this week and next …

        Hopefully, June if never bad happen, I can ask u and others out

      • I am looking forward to June already.

  5. Andy,

    I rather be the “weird one” listening rather than be the ones sharing “their own challenging and stressful 9 to 5 jobs”.



  6. Hi Andy,

    The only weird thing I will like to comment is “why did you meet so many weird new people?”


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